Tuesday, November 18, 2008

IYARE in the house

A big URUESE! to Tina Iyare for her immense help in publicizing the exhibition to the Benin community, drawing dancers from the Washington, DC orbit, creating enthusiasm in the audience for Edo dance (folks should see that the energetic arm-flinging characteristic of dance from Guinea/Senegal is not the only style of dance on the continent!), and speaking about parenthood and family life in Benin. And for wearing the most glamourous iwu outfit ever!
Many thanks too to her handsome son, who acted as banker for the "sprayers." Our American audience was shy at first, but Nigerians showed them the way, and little girls were particularly enthusiastic in their willingness to step up to the stage. "They're so beautiful!" one whispered to me. Indeed they are!
Photo by Lauren Hansen-Flaschen

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