Sunday, August 3, 2008

Goggling at Google Earth

Yes, I've used Google satellite maps for years, but it was only last week that a colleague introduced me to Google Earth--imagine my delight when I could get aerial views of Benin City, suitable for creating simple maps! Imagine my frustration when fuzziness obscured the area I live in, so that I couldn't be sure of familiar landmarks.

Yes, I zoomed from continent to continent in a dizzying display of duo-core processing, alarmed by the drive-by photos on my hometown street, and pleased I couldn't see Benin's darting traffic.

But there is something ominous about this. Will it come to employers checking parking lots for employee cars? Wives tracking errant husbands? Vacationing parents seeing if you've weeded the garden or not?

Thank Gawd for roofs--but if you're in a Benin courtyard, that doesn't apply. Wave and get out your big umbrella!

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